SkyMall Might be Relaunched

Will the friendly skies welcome it back?

Covers_HOL11_airline2.inddPeople hurtling through the sky in a tiny metal tube with wings, rejoice — SkyMall could get another run. Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest —  producer of vests with way too many pockets —  has plans to relaunch the shuttered publication.

SkyMall was folded in January of last year after its parent company realized selling paper towel racks that double as phone chargers isn’t a sustainable business model. Jordan’s SkyMall will still have wacky products, but the focus will be on expanded content and items that consumers might actually want to buy.

“We’re going to make it an entertaining experience, a curated shopping journey targeted at real travelers and their interests,” explained former PC Mag editor and Jordan’s launch partner, Jim Louderback, in an interview with Yahoo Travel.

We can’t think of anything more perfect than SkyMall to be relaunched by a former advertiser that named his company and product after himself, but we’ll be surprised if this comes to fruition.

The main problem for the magazine wasn’t the abundance of silly products, it was the debut of a thing called the Internet. Since the Internet still exists, we don’t see airlines lining up to purchase copies of a new SkyMall. No matter how hilarious it might be.