Sneak Peak of SGN’s SkyLinks Golf for Facebook

SGN has recently released a sneak preview of one of its latest games, SkyLinks Golf for Facebook. The game is not complete, but SGN was kind enough to give the world a glimpse of what to expect.

The game is a steam-punk, cartoonish style game that lets you golf on a floating island in the sky. Upon first impression, golfing may not seem like something too exciting, but SGN has incorporated its unique style with a non-traditional golfing mechanic in order to get the most out of their game.

After a brief introduction, you can customize the look of your avatar (hair color, skin, and gender) and then jump into what looks like a happy, cartoon version of the Big Daddies from Bioshock. You are able to start shooting golf balls from a platform in the sky, trying to hit targets on the sides of blimps and other flying objects and attempting to score as many points as possible before you either run out of time or golf balls.

The game doesn’t play like a simple golf game. While it is still a little buggy, players target where to shoot, then drag what looks like a chain from the target in order to curve the ball to some degree. Since all the targets are moving this becomes a useful addition, once you get used to it, and makes the game far more entertaining than one would normally think.

The game also apparently has three game modes that consist of a bronze bucket, a silver bucket, and a gold bucket. Unfortunately, only the bronze is available at this time. As you play, you earn gifts and currency (presumably for buying powerups or awards of some sort). You are also able to gamble some of your game earnings on the gifts before you open them, which may make way for some unique game depth in the future.

As for the social capabilities, there currently is a means to invite your Facebook friends to play the game, but beyond that, little is available at the moment. It is likely that SGN will incorporate similar social aspects that can be found in their previous titles.

Nevertheless, SkyLink looks like it will be quite a fun game once all the kinks are worked out and the game is fully implemented. Beyond the obvious bugs, the only real downside to the game that can be seen is that the avatar is so bulky, that it often gets in the way of targets that slowly move behind it.

However, we do have a few design nitpicks. Why is time spent customizing the look of your character when they all just get stuck in the same giant, metal suit? The game is also a little tough to pick up, but this most likely attributes to the fact that it is merely a sneak preview, and not the full game.

Ultimately, considering SGN’s track record for building social games, once finished, SkyLink Golf should be an excellent addition to the Facebook platform.