Skyhook SpotRank Ready to Provide Phone Movement Data to App Developers

If you’ve used both a conventional consumer-grade GPS and a GPS-enabled phone, you’ve probably noticed that the phone seems to be able to get a general idea of your location much faster than the conventional GPS. One of the reasons is your phone is also capable of using WiFi (wireless LAN) and has software that uses the phone’s ability to access Skyhook Wireless’s database of WiFi access points to get a location estimate faster than a GPS can.

Skyhook announced a new service (and partner?) that lets mobile app developers mine anonymous location queries to provide data on how many people are moving through a WiFi hotspot area.

The firm SimpleGeo provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that gives developers access to this geo-location in time data.

Skyhook Announces SpotRank for Location-based Consumer Intelligence

One of the first social network services reported to be using this feature is Gowalla, the location-based social networking game/service.

Via IntoMobile: Skyhook Announces SpotRank — Allows Mobile App Devs to Work with Hotspots