SkyHook Adds Location Services To Nook Apps

Want to use your Nook as a GPS? Now you can. Location services company Skyhook has partnered with mobile mapmaker skobbler to bring location services to Nook apps for the first time.

Together the companies have launched ForeverMap 2, a free map app that lets users navigate their surroundings based on their location. The digital map app includes intuitive route guidance, Wi-Fi positioning, and local and category search functionalities. Like other mapping apps, users can search for an address and their location and pinpoint directions in between. The app is free but a PRO version of the app exists for $4.99 which gives users access to offline apps.

Maggie Taylor, marketing manager of Skyhook, said that location may come to more Nook apps. “We’re thrilled to power location functionality in ForeverMap 2 and bring location services to the Nook for the very first time. We are also eager to provide this location functionality to other apps hoping to port to NOOK devices.”