Skyfire for iPhone Demand Overwhelmed Skyfire's Proxy Servers

Skyfire’s $2.99 alternative iPhone browser appeared in Apple’s App Store and was removed within hours. But, Apple had nothing to do with its removal. Here’s what appeared in SKyfire’s official blog:

Skyfire reaches top grossing app on iPhone App Store within 5 hours – SOLD OUT

How, you might ask, is an app that consists of bits sold out? That’s simple. It has nothing to do with being “sold out” as in not having more apps to sell. As Skyfire’s PR firm noted:

The app is actually SOLD OUT while Skyfire increases server capacity. Skyfire is working to increase server capacity as we speak and in the end, this will result in the best possible user experience once they hit the store again.

The cause for pulling Skyfire from the app store is the result of the way web pages (including Skyfire’s ability to display Flash content on the iPhone) is handled. I discussed this process yesterday in this post.

Four Things You Should Know About the Skyfire for iPhone Flash Supporting Browser

Skyfire’s proxy servers were simply overtaxed by the added strain of new iPhone Skyfire users asking for many thousands of web pages and Flash content to be processed by Skyfire’s server before being rendered on the phone. iPad users saw a similar situation when Flipboard was released and saw a tremendous number of downloads and literally overwhelming requests for processing Twitter tweets to render as magazine like pages.

So, hang on to your $2.99 iPhone users! You’ll have a chance to spend it on the Skyfire browser sometime in the near future.