Skyfire Acquired Android Browser Technology: Do Android Users Need Another Browser?

Skyfire is an alternative browser for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 phones. Windows Mobile’s own barely functional web browser had me searching for an alternative for a long time. And, while alternatives like Skyfire and Opera Mini/Mobile have been available for several years, neither one appealed to me until recently. Skyfire’s update in late 2009 won me over and I’ve been using it on my Windows Mobile based Touch Pro2 during the few times I’ve had to use it to browse a website.

Their latest announcement, however, puzzles me…

Skyfire Acquires kolbysoft, Makers of Android Steel Browser

Windows Mobile users need a capable alternative browser like Skyfire to replace the nearly useless Internet Explorer supplied with Windows Mobile. But, why would an Android user need or want an alternative browser? Android’s web browser provides, in my opinion, the best mobile browsing experience on a smartphone today.

I took a quick look at Kolbysoft’s information about their Steel browser for Android but didn’t note any “killer features” that would entice me to switch browsers on an Android phone. And, no, I don’t want to see Abobe Flash powered sites on my Droid or Nexus One.