Sky Adventures: Save a tropical airline from disaster on Facebook

Image via Game Insight

While Facebook tends to see more puzzle and casino games than simulation games in its current release schedule, players looking for a new ‘Ville’-style game have another option, thanks to Game Insight. Sky Adventures sees players taking over their own airport on a tropical island, with gameplay that’s pretty similar to other games in the publisher’s catalog.

Sky Adventures begins as players make a less-than-graceful landing at Pet Airport during the middle of a sudden hurricane. From there, it’s up to players to repair the buildings that are still standing after the storm, and further expand the island into a bustling resort of sorts.

Sky Adventures is ultimately very similar to Game Insight’s Sunshine Bay, also on Facebook. However, where Sunshine Bay’s heavy focus was on ships and cruise liners, Sky Adventures’ primary focus is on airlines (while also offering a few shipping routes as well). Players build houses to generate passengers, which can then be combined with fuel and other supplies before taking off on journeys of varying lengths.

Image via Game Insight

Players can spend additional fuel to speed up airline routes, and they’ll be challenged with completing quests over time for additional rewards and story progress. Many of these quests require the collection of randomly-spawning items, so there’s a constant encouragement to speed up flights and building construction times to find these items without waiting. Thankfully, many of these tasks can be sped up using fuel, which recharges automatically over time, while premium cash is used to force the unlock of items in the store, as one example.

Sky Adventures currently has 98,000 monthly active players, according to AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. The game is now available to play for free on Facebook.

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