Skoob eBookstore Launched in Singapore

Last week Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) launched what it is calling Singapore’s first native eBookstore.

Skoob opened with over 39 thousand local and international titles, hich can be read on iPhone and Android apps. SingTel is stocking eBooks from all 6 major publishers, as well as Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP), and many more. SingTel customers can buy eBooks with their existing account, but the eBookstore is open to everyone (registration required, of course).

Goh Seow Eng, SingTel’s Chief of Digital Home, said: “The Singapore market has long been overlooked by e-book services from abroad.  With the launch of skoob, Singapore readers finally have a service that offers local books and caters specifically to their tastes and needs.  It also provides local publishers and writers with a powerful digital platform that allows them to reach a wider audience.”  Long term plans include launching skoob in all 25 markets where SingTel currently offers services.