Sklar Spars With Carter Over Hitchens’ ‘Chicks Aren’t Funny’ Article

Having already celebrated Spy magazine’s 20th anniversary with co-founders Graydon Carter, Kurt Andersen and deputy editor George Kalogerakis last month at the Puck party, we opted to skip yesterday’s luncheon with the Spy gang, a decision we now regret, ‘cuz it appears to’ve been a doozy: Eat The Press’ Rachel Sklar (and former FishbowlNY editor) decided to use the opportunity to grill Carter about an upcoming Christopher Hitchens’ essay in Vanity Fair entitled “Why Women Aren’t Funny” (uh, you go, girl!). Carter, not surprisingly, bristled at the “attack,” asking “And who are you?” before finally brushing aside the fellow Canadian expat with this: “I thought [the piece] was very funny. And you’ve proved my point.”

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