Will Viewers Finally Be Able To Skip YouTube Ads?

Are you tired of waiting through advertisements that you don’t care about when you watch videos from YouTube partners on YouTube? It looks like your troubles may be coming to a close, as YouTube gears up to launch a new type of ad called TrueView, which will give users a choice of three different ads or the option to watch no ads at all.

Advertising Age reported on the new TrueView ad units today. They write that, “For short-form content, a user may get a TrueView in-stream ad, which she can skip if she wishes. For longer-form videos, YouTube is planning to give users the choice of watching a video with ad breaks or ad-free after watching one of three videos ads first. Users choosing the long-form video with ad breaks may or may not get a “skippable” ad.” The new ad format, which sounds similar to Hulu’s ad selector service, is expected to be rolled out of the next few weeks.

For all of you advertisers out there who are thinking to yourself, “Hey, wait a minute! I don’t want users to have the option to skip me ads!” think about it this way: By allowing users to skip your ads you are narrowing down your viewers to those who are actually interested in checking out your product. You don’t have to pay for the people who choose to skip your ad. On the other hand, when you force viewers to watch your ad you have to pay for each and every view, whether the viewer is engaged with your ad or impatiently gritting their teeth, upset that they have to sit through it.

I also want to offer some words of advice to advertisers: Make your ads fun! If you create fun ads for YouTube then you’ll get the reputation of having great ads and, given a choice of three ads or none, viewers will choose to watch your ads over the competition.

As a YouTube viewer, I am a little bit concerned that the new TrueView ad format signals a boost in advertising on the video site. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and when I say a lot I mean hundreds each month (for work, of course!). That being said, I only see ads on videos a couple times a day, if at all. The volume of ads hasn’t been enough to really bug me and though the idea that I will be able to skip them in the future is appealing, I am not at a place yet where I am annoyed enough that it’s a big relief that the site is rolling out TrueView. I hope that they won’t view the new ad system as an excuse to put more ads on more videos.

Have you had issues with too many ads on YouTube in the past? Are you looking forward to being able to choose your ads, or choose to skip them in the future?

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