Skip Downloading Gmail Attachments, Just Send Them Directly to Google Drive

Gmail just added a new feature that’s going to make downloading attachments a thing of the past, which is great, because I am running out of space on my computer. The new feature is a more integrated Gmail experience for all desktop users. Here’s what to expect:

New Gmail Attachment

The next time you open an email with attachments, you’ll see new previews of the files at the bottom of the email, from photos and videos to spreadsheets and PDFs.

When you click on one of those previews, a full-screen view of the image or document will appear. You can read, search for a particular phrase, and even browse through multiple attachments right in Gmail.

You can now also save your attachments directly to Drive simply by clicking the Drive button that appears when you hover over the preview. Of course, if you prefer to download the attachment to your computer, you can—just click the arrow button.

Unlike Gmail’s previous attachment handling, you don’t have to open your documents in a separate window. Attachments can be previewed directly in your Gmail window then immediately saved to your Drive. Saving documents to Drive means you can access it from any device without adding data to multiple machines, while making them easily editable wherever you are.

Unfortunately, Google is not ready to send the new feature out to apps, which would be ideal. For the time being, only the desktop experience will be getting the new save to Drive option. It’s a slow roll-out so expect it in the next seven days.