Skinny Models | Times Mulls Tabloid | Fox’s F*cking Showdown With FCC | ‘Media Mensch’ | PETA Hates Santa


  • Times: Mulls tabloid. [NYO]
  • Viacom: Backs out on plans to form YouTube rival. [B&C]
  • Time Edits Ahmadinejad: Person of the Year profile. [ETP]
  • Ban On Skinny Models: Drives photo editors to add pounds to pics. [WWD]
  • 20 Best and Worst: PR moves of 2006. [BusinessWeek]
  • Fox’s F*cking Showdown With FCC: Goes before appeals judges. [NY Sun]
  • Dean Baquet: Named ‘Media Mensch’ of the year. [NYO]
  • PETA: Loves reindeer, hates Santa. [AdRants]
  • Two Editorial Page Deputies: Named at the Times. [NYT]