How Commerce-Based Content Drives Clicks and Revenue

"Comtent" includes everything from buying guides to customer product reviews to top 10 lists, and it all works together.

Online advertising has become a holistic endeavor. More industries realize the power of influencer marketing, content marketing, social marketing and other interactive forms that add value for customers and marketers. A study from Skimlinks on “Comtent”–commerce based content–shows its impact on clicks and revenue.

Most companies engaged in content marketing are probably already using Comtent marketing. Comtent includes everything from buying guides, customer product reviews and top 10 lists. All of these things help to guide consumers towards other brand content, products and services.

Different types of commercial content perform very differently over time. Deals and sales drive the highest number of affiliate clicks within the first 30 days.

Gift guides also perform well during the first month. Other content like buying guides enjoys early success but doesn’t have staying power as time passes. Some of the most stable content, which retains much of its impact even six months after posting, are product reviews and top 10 lists.

When it comes to commissions and sales, the patterns are much less stable than clicks, but there’s a good reason for that. According to the report:

Purchases fluctuating more than clicks isn’t entirely unexpected since a click that happens on a given day may only become a purchase days later. Users don’t necessarily buy immediately, and it typically takes them several days and several touch points until the purchase is finally made.

Product reviews are far and away the most profitable type of comtent, with top 10s and other listicles also driving substantial revenue for marketers. Across all types of content, desktop systems still rule, generating 74 percent of revenue, vastly outpacing content viewed on phones and tablets.

To get more information on the overall popularity of comtent, and to see which types generate the most clicks download the study here.