Skim Through The New York Times with Times Skimmer

TimesSkimmer.jpgFeel like skimming through The New York Times? Try Times Skimmer.

ReadWriteWeb reported that Times Skimmer is available in seven different layouts, with most of them grid-based and some resembling RSS readers. Stories can appear in chronological order or based on editorial-ranked feeds.

Times Skimmer launched as a prototype application earlier this year, ReadWriteWeb added. Changes since the prototype: The navigation menu is now on the right, and articles open in pop-up windows that are integrated with the rest of the application.

The new application also features keyboard shortcuts and automatically rearranges stories based on the size of the browser window, according to ReadWriteWeb.

New York Times Media Group chief advertising officer and general manager Denise Warren told ReadWriteWeb Times Reader is meant to give “online readers another way to view the latest news and updates in a choice of formats that best suit their preferences.”