Skiff E-Reader Set For Debut By End Of Year

Today’s news may be dominated by that other e-reader/netbook hybrid, but another e-reader that we’re looking forward to, the Skiff Reader, has managed to snag at least one headline.

According to this report in Crain’s New York, Skiff is set to unveil its reader by the end of the year:

“As a wireless digital reading device, the Skiff Reader stands out from products such as Amazon’s Kindle, which is optimized for book reading, in its ability to render magazine and newspaper layouts with a look similar to the print brands. It uses multiple columns, photos, familiar-looking type fonts and pagination and has a large display and a touch-screen user interface. The Skiff Reader is due to be available by the end of the year though Sprint’s physical and online stores and Skiff’s online storefront for an as-yet-undisclosed retail price.”

The Skiff Reader may be optimized for periodical reading, and working closely with Hearst — which helped incubate the tech company — will get it access to the magazine publisher’s stable of titles, but how will it fare against other e-readers and the new behemoth, the iPad? Will magazine readers be so enamored with the newest Apple product that by the time the Skiff Reader launches it will go unnoticed? The performance, battery life and price of both products — and iPad’s connection to AT&T while Skiff sticks with Sprint — may play a crucial part in both products’ future.

Another key selling point: Skiff’s reader will be bendy.

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