Skies of Glory: Battle of Britain Lets Android & iPhone Play Together

Let’s say you have an iPhone 4 and your friend has a Droid X. It is too bad that you can’t play a game together using this pair of phones, isn’t it? Well, according to Mashable, this is not the case if you are willing to spend a small chunk of change for each device.
Mobile Game Lets iPhone and Android Users Do Battle
Skies of Glory: Battle of Britain for the iPhone will set you back $6.99 (there’s also in-app purchasing options). Skies of Glory for Android will pinch the wallet a bit less at $4.99 (search for it in the Android Market). Up to 8 people can play together over 3G or WiFi.
The World War II air battle app has an impressive 4-star average customer rating (with 509 ratings posted) in the iTunes App Store. Additional aircraft models cost $1.99 each.