Sketch Your Way to Success!


Today we continue our process of growth by looking, once again, toward the enlightened words of Jason Santa Maria. In this next section of his “Under the Loupe” series, he talks about the necessity, if you’re a designer, of carrying around a sketchbook. It really does apply to most everyone who does anything even remotely creative and it’s one of those things that you often think you should be doing, especially when you see someone who actually has one, but for some reason you never act on that need. Well consider this your call to arms! Read Jason’s post, then go! Away with you to the Office Depot! Or better, to the internet! For something more attractive!

Here’s a little bit of the wisdom:

Designers need to be visual leeches, constantly cataloguing and recording information like a camera that’s always snapping photos. As designers we really never stop working, every thing thing we see, every thing we hear and experience shapes our creative process. A sketchbook serves as a physical repository for all of those outside stimuli. I use my sketchbook often to scrawl down ideas before I forget them or to quickly flesh out concepts. It serves as a timely archive of where I have been and what I’ve done. Because I created everything inside, it takes on a new life as a book of my ideas. It’s not a design annual or a gallery of websites; it’s a book of my concepts that I can always go back to and reference for future work.