Skater: Frosch Media Launches Social Skateboarding Game on iOS

SkaterAustralian game developer Frosch Media has announced the launch of its skateboarding game, Skater, on iOS devices. The game focuses on open-world skateboarding with a hefty social mechanic, as users can record their runs and share them with the world for other gamers to (attempt to) copy. As users play, they’ll collect new gear, unlock new skating locations and more as they master the game’s controls and locations.

SkaterIn Skater, players control a skateboard and a pair of shoes, using both thumbs and a combination of swipes, holds and taps to perform all manner of tricks, from grinds and slides to ollies, manuals and more. Players have access to a single location at first, but through a combination of saving their own runs and copying others, can unlock additional locations. These include real-world skate parks and street spots, like Stoner Park, Woodward Plaza, Hollywood High, Carlsbad Gap and more. The game’s gear is also authentic to real-world brands.

Players can browse video replays of successful tricks, and choose the ones they’d like to duplicate. If the duplication is successful, players receive stars, which are used as a kind of currency to unlock new skateboards and shoes. Gamers also receive points for copying runs, but will lose points if they fail.

An additional gameplay mode called S.K.A.T.E. is like the basketball game of H.O.R.S.E. Players take turns with their friends via local play, completing and copying tricks. If player one completes a trick and player two fails to replicate it, for instance, player two earns a letter in the word “skate.” Play continues until one player has completed the word, which is obviously a bad thing here.

“We wanted to make a game that captures some of the experience of skateboarding itself,” said Dain Hedgpeth, director for Frosch Media, in a statement. “Skater celebrates style and individuality, knowing that different people see different things in a spot and skate it in their own unique way. Enabling players to tap into and contribute to an infinite pool of trick runs from around the world makes for a truly unique experience, and we really can’t wait to see all the cool ideas people will come up with!”

Skater is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. Check out a video for the game below.