Six Traits of High Performing Achievers

Here’s the cool thing about this piece we read on LinkedIn by Lou Adler, author of Hire With Your Head.

While it outlines several traits to spot in high achievers, its purpose is twofold. Managers can easily spot these traits to identify a high performer and if you’re an employee on the team, you can connect the dots and pursue the ideas below to become that go-to guy or gal.

1. You’ve been assigned difficult challenges ahead of your peers. In the piece Adler points out the best people on a team are assigned tasks that are typically given to the higher ups. If this happens frequently and during the first year of your employment, you get a gold star! This is certainly evidence of a high achiever and something to highlight on a job interview.

2. You volunteer or ask for projects that is over your head. Discomfort zone, anyone? People in this category ditch the comfort zone and pursue tasks without having a lot of experience.

3. You become visible to senior executives. When you get a chance to demonstrate your abilities to senior executives, it not only puts you in a good light but it shows the manager’s good judgment as well. Win win.

4. You get promoted quickly. In addition, your responsibilities grow, too.

5. You change jobs due to long-term growth. If you’re on an interview and asked why you changed jobs, focus on the long-term. This is what Adler ways hiring managers look for: “Changing and accepting jobs is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Make sure you hire people who have made them wisely.”

6. You’ve already reached a major goal. If you’re asked about the biggest goal you’ve already achieved, bask in the glow. The hiring manager is likely going to follow up and ask about a goal you have right now so then you can outline how you’re going to attack it.