Twitter: The Land Of 140 Character Tweets . . . And Six-Second Videos?

Did you catch the quick video Twitter’s CEO shared on Twitter?

It’s a clip of someone making steak tartare in six seconds – using Vine (the video service Twitter acquired last October). Are six-second videos on the horizon for Twitter?

It looks like third-party video developers’ worst Twitter nightmare has come true (not that we didn’t warn you) and Twitter is well on the way to offering this six-second video option to users – at least in Australia.

That’s according to Financial Review, which shared that the “social messaging platform Twitter is believed to be set to launch a video-based rival to Instagram called Vine in Australia in coming weeks. . . . According to sources familiar with the service, Vine will offer six-second videos that can be integrated with tweets.”

And this claim is supported by the coincidental posting of a Vine video by Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo.

But in true Twitter fashion, the microblogging platform is keeping mum about it:

When asked if the video service could be launched in Australia this week, Twitter editorial director Karen Wickre said “you’re talking about Vine … but no I don’t think [it’s being launched] quite yet.”

“But I’m not on the product side so I don’t know all the details.”

Twitter’s head of international development Mike Brown declined to comment in detail, forwarding all inquiries to Twitter’s European head of communications Rachel Bremer.

And now, to either make you hungry or nauseate you – we bring you “steak tartare in six seconds” courtesy of Mr. Costolo.



Do you look forward to sharing six-second clips on Twitter? And what the heck can you record that quickly?

(Dog image from Shutterstock)