Six Covers Newsweek Could Have Chosen For Its ‘First Gay President’ Issue

When it comes to blogging platform Tumblr, Newsweek has always led the pack. The news magazine is at it again — this time posting six alternative, although ultimately rejected, versions of its mildly controversial “First Gay President” cover on its Tumblr.

The picture that made the cut for the May 21 issue shows President Barack Obama with a rainbow-hued halo above his head (shown to the right). On the bottom left are printed the words “The First Gay President.”

In the Tumblr post, Brian Ries, Newsweek‘s current social media editor, writes, “Ah, our favorite nwktumblr feature is back: the also-rans! These are the alternate versions of our ’First Gay PresidentNewsweek cover that were left on the cutting room floor.”

See all six rejected covers after the jump.

The favorites so far, Ries writes, are the cover with the rainbow flag superimposed over Obama’s face and a slightly more simple one with a white background and the quote, “I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

The post has received more than 330 notes and counting since being posted on Tuesday.

Posting these cover options is a greatly transparent move. What would have made it even better is if Newsweek had included a note explaining why it chose the cover shot it did instead of the alternatives. Were they trying to be controversial or did the editors simply like the halo image best?

Personally, my favorite cover is the one with a rainbow flag waving in the wind above the White House.

You can find the full issue either on newsstands or read it on your iPad.

What alternative cover would you have chosen? Or do you think the one Newsweek went with was perfect?

Cover images courtesy of Newsweek.