Six eBook Formatting Tools

Even with ePub becoming the standard format for eBooks, formatting an eBook can still be tricky. So we have put together a list of tools to help you make your books available in the eBook form.

Here is a list of six tools that can help you format an eBook into ePub and from common formats such as HTML and Word documents:

1. Calibre: This free tool will let you create an eBook for all of the major eReaders, including Kindle, Nook, iPad and Sony eReaders as well as a bunch of others. You can transform news from websites into readable files on eReaders and even make DRM-free eBooks. But note that it does not support Word files.

2. Aspose: Using Aspose.Word plugin, you can convert a Word file into an ePub file. It is a pay service, but you can test drive the application with a free trial.

3. Mobi Pocket: This free tool lets you create an eBook from HTML and Word and image files. Image files –GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP– get automatically optimized for a PDA viewer.

4. Jutoh: This $39 tool lets you make books for Kindle, iBooks and Nook, among other formats. It can ePub, .mobi, .txt and .odt files through its in app text editor. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

5. This free tool lets you create your own ePub, Kindle and PDF files from within its software platform.

6. BookGlutton: This free tool lets you turn HTML books into ePub files


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