Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Lead to YouTube

The commercial for Logitech Revue with Google TV in which an obsessed Kevin Bacon fan is played by none other than Bacon himself is now a documentary on YouTube, and the character Bacon portrays, Ivan Cobenk, “editor-in-chief of Bacon Quarterly,” posted about it on the YouTube Blog:

Hey, everyone, this is Ivan Cobenk — No. 1 Kevin Bacon fan in the world, and founder and solo member of The Other Bacon Brothers, Akron’s leading Bacon Brothers cover band. I’m also fairly well known amongst YouTubers because of the documentary that was made about me recently. You can even see how I use YouTube to find my favorite Kevin clips (or Bacon Bits, as I like to call them). The guys at Logitech used a few clips from the film to advertise their new Revue gizmo with Google TV. Nearly 2 million people have already watched it on YouTube. That’s almost 10 times the population of Akron, by gosh!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know that the full version is now on YouTube, and it’s all about how much I love Kevin Bacon, the best actor in the universe. It’s not technically starring Kevin Bacon (I tried, but he never answered my Facebook posts), but I’m in it and I know a lot about Kev. And by a lot, I mean everything.
And there’s another special treat for YouTubers: When you watch it, if you’re really clever, you might be able to figure out how you can buy some of the items from my personal collection of Kevin Bacon memorabilia, as seen in the film, for your own Kevin Bacon collection. I’m donating all the proceeds to Kev’s charity,, and (fingers crossed!) hoping Kevin will actually get in touch with me if I donate enough. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.