SitRoom Reax

One of the high points (or low points, depending on your point of view) of today’s Situation Room debut was the Cafferty File. In his opening remembrance of Peter Jennings, Jack Cafferty came out guns blazing and laid down the challenge to the other cable channels:

“The three lions have left the building now. Brokaw and Rather retired. With the death of Jennings, the future of these three broadcasts on the three networks very much in question. Audiences for the three shows have been declining for several years, one the reasons, of course, the ascension of the cable news networks, from CNN, which is arguably the best of the lot–I have to say that it’s in my contract–to those wild-eyed miscreants over there at the F-word network, to the network with five call letters and no viewers. Wolf, you could be on the FBI’s 10 most-wanted list, host a nightly program on MSNBC and be perfectly safe. No one would have any idea where you were. Ask Tucker Carlson.

“Nevertheless, cable is changing the way people get their television news. The question for this hour is this. Is television news changing for better or for worse?”

So we ask you: is the Situation Room an improvement or not?

> An early response: “[Wolf Blitzter] is not an adlibber. Here’s a sad irony of the day: the only television news anchor capable of anchoring a stand-up show is Peter. No one else can stand, [ad lib,] and anchor at the same time. He could.”

> Another viewer: “The Situation Room is smart and snappy, a Gen X version of Wolf Blitzer Reports.”

> An industry vet: “The camera work is distracting. The MTV-style tracking shots of the tv monitors is eye-rollingly lame… as in ‘ooh… look at the big tv screens… look at the big tv screens.’ The problem with shows like this is that it prioritizes the glitz over the content.”

> “Why is everyone standing up in the ‘Situation Room’? The blog girls, okay, I understand. But Bill Schneider? Come one, let the man sit down. At least Bruce Morton got a chair,” one viewer notes.

> Wonkgirl’s intern (i.e. the one who ISN’T sex-obsessed) reviews the show.