Sit On This: Hearst Extends Esquire Magazine’s Brand To “Manly” Furniture Line

Hearst, in conjunction with The Halo Group, is set to unveil the Esquire Home Collection at the upcoming April High Point Market, an annual furniture and design trade show. The collection, which features furniture, upholstery rugs and some fancy knock-knacks, will include distressed leather, twill, tweed, polished nickel, and other such materials that say “I feel as I belong in an English country manor rather than this condo in New Jersey.”

Said Glen Ellen Brown, vice president of Hearst Brand Development: “The concept behind the collection was to satisfy man’s desire for a unique living space inspired by Esquire‘s legacy of style and the highly coveted Signature Space experience.”

Extending a magazine’s brand through a line of home decor or furniture is nothing new, but it remains to be seen how well the move will pay off for a publication that is not explicitly focused on home decorating.