Sit Back, Relax, and Listen to your Delicious Bookmarks

You read it right folks, we really mean “listen” to your Delicious bookmarks. As Yahoo, which we all know of course owns social bookmarking site Delicious has partnered with FoxyPlayer to allow you to turn your Delicious bookmark into a one big music/mp3 playlist.

The new Delicious feature takes into consideration the fact that millions of bookmarks saved on Delicious are audio files scattered across the web. And for quite sometime, Delicious has been supporting MP3 streaming via their “PlayTagger” functionality that is integrated into Delicious. With the integration of Foxy Player, a slick embeddable audio player that support various audio formats and interoperates with FoxyTunes add-on for Firefox and IE, you can no turn your audio bookmarks into playlists which you can control from your browser.

To understand what we’re talking about, try filtering using this tag -> “system:media:audio. You can further filter the result by typing the media format that you to listen to. Then let Delicious gathers up various podcasts, mp3, music, and other media file types which you can player using the FoxyPlayer.

This new feature also lets you listen to music while you surf by launching FoxyPlayer on Delicious and then control it with FoxyTune while doing your other surfing chores on your browser’s other tabs.

Here are examples given by the Delicious blog demonstrating some of the ways you can enjoy this new Delicious feature: