Freelancers Caught in the Middle of Sister2Sister Bankruptcy Filing

It’s a familiar scenario; but for anyone suddenly told by a newspaper or magazine that they cannot be paid for work dutifully submitted and published, it sucks.

Per Journal-isms’ Richard Prince, this tweet from Manny Otiko reflects the fact that Sister2Sister has been forced to file for bankruptcy protection as it abandons print and seeks to reorganize. From his report:

“The community does not want us to go away,” publisher Jamie Foster Brown said by telephone. She said she especially felt a responsibility to prisoners who “didn’t have a voice” and whom she published in the magazine. “We wanted to teach people through celebrities,” she said. “God comes through other people.”

It’s very rare for things to be remedied in these situations for writers like Otiko. He is only owed $150, for three times $50, but as any freelancer will tell you, every penny counts and there’s also a sacrosanct principle at work here.

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