Catching Up to the New York Nun With a Gambling Problem

It takes a lot on the headline front for FishbowlNY to stop dead in its coffee-stained tracks. But this one from AP did the trick:

NY Nun With Gambling Problem Gets Jail for Theft

Holy Mother of Mary Anne Rapp, who will spend 90 days in jail for her casino sins. This headline has everything: blasphemy (a nun gambling); larceny ($128,000 filched from two Kendall, NY area parishes); infamy (her church may already be fielding calls from reality TV show producers)… Never mind that her last name would have also allowed for a “Rapp Sheet” headline. Or that ordering a nun to perform 100 hours of community service seems entirely redundant. went with a longer headline for an item that was and is being picked up across the Web. With this coup-de-habit-grace, AP also tapped into the kind of genius that often powers The Drudge Report. To wit, here’s one of the teasers that was adorning MD’s page Monday:

[Top photo: Anneka/]

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