Sister Corita’s Spirit Rocks On


Last night we were blessed to be invited to the book release party for Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita at the Hammer Museum near UCLA. You remember we’ve sung Sister Corita‘s praises here before, and it was pretty inspiring to mill among the true believers–everyone was in a good mood. Photographer Joshua White described hanging out at the Immaculate Heart studio while shooting all the images for the book, and hobnobbed with Volume’s Eric Heiman, who’s in town working on the catalogue for an upcoming John Lautner show at the Hammer. We also met author Julie Ault, who we asked to sign our book with her favorite Sister Corita quote. “Okay, but it’s ‘wet and wild,'” she warned us, echoing one of Corita’s most famous serigraphs. We thought that was pretty appropriate for our splashy, soulful Sister.

Appropriately, there will also be a Sunday service to celebrate Corita: On March 11th, there’s a screening of a Sister Corita documentary, followed by a panel discussion with Julie Ault, Samuel Eisenstein, Baylis Glascok, Helen Kelly, and Lorraine Wild at the AFI’s Goodman Theater from 1 to 4pm. RSVP to Sasha Carrera at sashaihc(AT)