Sirius XM iPhone App: No Howard Stern & Might Be The Pony Express of the 21st Century

Screenshot courtesy of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

When the then seprate Sirius and XM satellite radio services started up, I thought it was an interesting technology with a high price and a limited potential customer base. Both seemed to be doing OK for a while, then not so OK, and then they merged.

Harry McCracken (Technologizer) says…

Sirius XM on the iPhone: Siriusly Disappointing

…and that pricing inforamtion for actually getting radio programming content (the iPhone app itself is free) is difficult to find. The monthly fee is apparently $2.99 which is quite a bit lower than the $12.95 per month for getting the satellite radio feed. And, as McCracken says, the $2.99 monthly fee for the iPhone app does not include all the content from the Satellite feed. If fact, if you go to the app’s page in the iTunes App Store…

Sirius XM Premium Online

…you’ll find a number of customer comments noting that Sirius XM’s flagship content provider, Howard Stern, is not included in the content feed for the iPhone app.

My feeling is that satellite radio and this associated may be viewed as the Pony Express of the 21st centruy when people look back on this era. FYI: Despite its legendary status, the Pony Express only functioned for less than two years from April 1860 to October 1861.