Sirius Scores NASCAR, Wins Over Stern Fans

In the world of satellite radio, two good pieces of news for Sirius, the smaller of the two space-based broadcast companies.

For starters, Sirius has stolen away NASCAR broadcasts from Florida Avenue-based rival XM in a deal worth $107.5 million over five years-or, in other words, “a lot more” than XM had been paying for the broadcasts.

Also some news about one of Sirius’s other spending sprees: Howard Stern (we’re not sure whether we’re obligated to use “shock jock” whenever we refer to him, but we’re going ahead without).

A new survey by Bridge Ratings has 20 percent of Stern’s regular listeners ready to jump to Sirius when he moves to satellite in January 2006, but only 7 percent actually want to go once they realized all of the stuff they have to buy. While the number seems low, it’s actually great news for Sirius, who previously said that an 8 percent conversion of his 12 million fans would allow them to break even on the hundred-million dollar deal.

Speaking of Stern, personally, we can’t wait until tomorrow when Wonkette’s Wired article on Stern is posted. It’s always nice to see that she’s actually working.