Sirius and XM Finally Announce Merger

Now that the Sirius-XM merger was officially announced, customers can look forward to one satellite service for all their listening needs. Satellite radio is worth checking out, if you haven’t already tried it. There’s actually some good programming to listen to, compared with terrestrial radio, and audio quality is noticeably clearer.

Did you know you can listen to SIRIUS radio on Sprint phones? Head over to Sprint’s site for details, including a list of all 20 channels available. Sprint isn’t very forthcoming with the pricing, so we’ll spare you the suspense: It’s $6.95 a month, on top of your data plan cost. You won’t get perfect audio quality this way, but it’s a nice option. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming merger (which still faces some legal obstacles) will affect satellite radio on cell phones.

Mel Finally Gets His XM-Sirius Merger (via Advertising Age)

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