Is the iPhone 4S Anti-Abortion, Anti-Birth Control?

Siri, the built-in voice command feature on the iPhone 4S, can help you find the place you’re looking for, be it the nearest Mexican restaurant, gym, or medical marijuana clinic. Billed as a digital assistant by apple, Siri uses Internet services to look up your request, and provides answers based on your current location. But ask Siri where the nearest abortion clinic is, even if you’re standing right next to one, and she tends to draw a blank.

Disturbingly, the program’s blind spots aren’t limited to abortion, but women’s sexual health issues in general. Need emergency contraception? A rape counselor? Birth control? Users have found that Siri’s answers are similarly useless, despite the fact that a basic web search on the subjects turns up a wealth of information.

Male sexuality suffers no such restrictions. Siri is quite helpful in the search for Viagra, strip clubs and escort services.

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched an online petition to demand that Apple fix Siri. In response to the controversy, Apple said “these are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone.”

They may not be “meant to offend,” but Siri’s blind spots on women’s health sure as hell seem like “intentional omissions,” especially given all the other things Siri is happy to help with. For instance, if you ask the program to find a place to dump a body, as Megan Carpentier of Raw Story did, Siri is happy to make recommendations.

Lame, Apple. Very lame.

Photo via Amadi Talks