Siri Now Giving Incorrect Weather Forecasts for Cities with Common Names

When Apple makes a mistake, they like to do it in style.

When iOS6 was released to users last week everyone quickly noticed that Apple Maps, the ill-advised replacement for Google Maps, couldn’t navigate its way out of a paper bag. The new service has given any number of bad directions, and what’s more, it is in dire need of a visual QA check, with some map segments looking squashed or supplied by Salvador Dali.

But it turns out that Apple Maps isn’t the only serious issue with iOS6.

Complaints are now coming in that Siri is giving incorrect weather forecasts. The screen shots at right show one example of Siri’s goof. When asked for the weather report for New York City, Siri responds with data fro MY, Texas. While I’m sure at least some of NYC’s residents would like the higher temperature, the fact of the matter is the data is wrong.

Reports are coming in from all over, including from Apple’s own support forums. One user reported that asking for weather in St. Louis, Missouri gives weather in St. Louis, Georgia. Another indicated that weather requests for Carrollton, Texas returned results for Carrollton, Indiana.

There’s no word from Apple on when this will be fixed, but I expect it is at the top of the list of updates for iOS 6.0.1. But until it is repaired, I plan to sit back and enjoy the show. Pass the popcorn.

via MacRumors