Sir Richards Promises Free Condoms to Hobby Lobby Employees

For those of a political bent, here’s an imprecise if topical and on-brand case of newsjacking.

Colorado-based “organic condom” company Sir Richards (which is unique enough on its own, really) collaborated with its ad agency TDA_Boulder to create a blink-and-you-missed-it Facebook campaign tied to the most contentious social issue of the day: employee health plans and contraceptives.

Sir Richards

While this post is clever and topical, it’s not 100% accurate…

As close followers of the SCOTUS know, the case in question did not concern condoms–and free condoms would definitely not address the issues now faced by female employees of the Hobby Lobby company. Many even argued that the case had nothing to do with one’s right to have “consequence-free” (read: safe) sex, though some professional trolls obviously disagree.

It was more an attempt for the brand to hit two cultural targets at once: the recent case and World Population Day, which was last Friday.

This isn’t the first time Sir Richard’s has opted for political relevance: in 2012, the company responded to stories regarding House debates on the importance of the contraception “mandate” by creating the site Sluts Unite in response to Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word to belittle current congressional candidate/then graduate student Sandra Fluke.

sluts unite

While the Facebook post didn’t earn as many blog headlines, we see it as a pretty good way to encourage brand loyalty. Something tells us that most consumers buying additive-free condoms are sympathetic.