Singh: Pepsi Researched “Millions Of Conversations” for 2011 Refresh Project

Last week, we spoke with Ana Maria Irazabal, Pepsi-Cola North American beverage director of marketing about the 2011 iteration of the Pepsi Refresh Project. This week, we spoke with Shiv Singh, head of digital for PepsiCo Beverages America to gather some background on how the Project has been playing out digitally.

As we noted previously, Pepsi tweaked the program to correct some of last year’s issues and allow individuals and smaller-sized organizations to leverage their networks. The company researched what people were saying in order to determine what changes would make the most sense.

“We did a deep social research study where we analyzed millions of conversations  to find out what issues are meaningful and how people are talking about Pepsi Refresh,” he told us. “We have lots of data and lots of people to talk to online to find out what’s working and how to change America for the better.”

Ambitious! But tons of people have participated, so there is a lot of interest and information to use for improvements, interaction, and other needs .

“Every day during the course of the Project, 20,000 people posted on the website,” according to Singh. “So when we say we’re doing more with the community, it’s on a massive scale.”

But it’s not all data. “2011 is all about saying we’re here for the long haul and we can have fun with it,” said Singh.