Sing Your Heart Out with the Redesigned MySpace Karaoke

In the land where I am right now, Karaoke or the now popular videoke is the favorite past time of simple folks during simple gatherings. It’s always a good way to practice your singing voice as well as annoy the wits out of your neighbors. Hopefully, MySpace users who would visit MySpace Karaoke would make sure that they are in a sound-proof room. If you are, go ahead and turn your PC’s speaker in the loudest decibels that it could possibly provide, enjoy the newly redesigned MySpace Karaoke.

MySpace Karaoke now includes:

  • streamlined navigation
  • enhanced sharing of recordings
  • a dedicated upload manager
  • and the site’s major addition the will let you fulfill your dream of becoming an MTV star – a video recording feature.

Nimrod Lev, Senior VP and GM of MySpace Karaoke has this to say about the redesigned site,

MySpace Karaoke is a great way for the MySpace community to express themselves, share their musical talents and connect around shared interests – the type of interaction MySpace has encouraged and fostered since its inception. In less than six months since its launch, over four million users have visited MySpace Karaoke and there are over 500,000 recordings, making it the largest karaoke venue in the world.

To celebrate the launch of redesigned MySpace Karaoke, the site is conducting a nationwide karaoke contests where MySpace users can participate while trying out the new features of the site. If you are joining the said contests, you will have to perform and record your best renditions of Grammy winners Jesse McCartney and Seal’s songs. MySpace Karaoke will award some good prizes to the chosen 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers.

So, you better start vocalizing now and join the contest as soon as it kicks off. Incidentally, MySpace Karaoke is currently unavailable to countries outside the US. So, us folks in Asian countries will still to contend ourselves with the usual home Karaoke system – and annoy our neightbors as we sing.