Sinclair Brings Dayton’s Best to D.C.

Your favorite right-wing TV group (no, not Fox, the other one) has some new blood

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes reports that the always controversial and always right Sinclair Broadcasting Group has hired WTDN‘s Don Hammond from Dayton, Ohio to head the Baltimore TV station group’s DC news bureau.
You might remember that Sinclair fired its previous bureau chief, Jon Lieberman, because he dared to suggest that the station might not be holding itself to the highest standards of Edward R. Murrow by forcing its 60-plus stations to run anti-Kerry propaganda.
DCRTV says that Hammond’s politics “lean to the right, and he is well known to Dayton viewers for his sometimes bizarre stand-ups and live shots.” He’ll be joining Sinclair’s new DC correspondent, freelancer Alison Kosik.
Hammond won second place in the “best reporter” category from the Ohio Associated Press Broadcasters in 2002.
(Photo Caption: Hammond at work in 2002)