Sincerely Launches Dotti, an App That Mimics The Good, Old Disposable Camera

Sincerely, a San Francisco-based developer that’s making it easy for all apps to offer printed photos, just launched another app of its own.

Dotti tries to re-imagine the disposable camera for the smartphone age. The app gives users 12 shots, which they can review before printing. A full printed roll of 4-by-6 photos on FujiFilm archival-quality paper costs $4.99 including delivery. (It’s $5.99 for outside the U.S.)  The app even has little touches like the right sounds for charging the flash and winding the film.

Users can save 15 percent if they buy rolls with Sincerely credits, which are also used in the company’s other apps. Sincerely’s two best-known apps are Postagram, which makes it easy to send physical copies of Instagram photos, and PopBooth, which turns the iPad into an old-school photobooth with four-photo strips.

But Sincerely, which is backed by Charles River Ventures, First Round Capital and Spark Capital, is more than a photo-printing startup. Photos are among the cheapest physical goods around, and they’re tokens of friendship or expression. Using photos, Sincerely is seeding a paying customer base for what could be a bigger e-commerce play.

After Apple launched a competitive app called Cards in October, Sincerely moved to support third-party developers in sending printed photos. Now it’s building up a network of third-party developers who are adding their own customers to Sincerely’s platform.