Sims Social Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

Developer Electronic Arts has a hit on its hands: The Sims Social has been the fastest growing application on Facebook this week, since debuting on August 23.

Developer Electronic Arts has a hit on its hands: The Sims Social has been the fastest growing application on Facebook this week, since debuting on August 23.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. The Sims Social7,531,09623,406,49916,081,660
2. Welcome Tab679,5177,961,4954,812,493
3. 21 questions3,924,43127,993,4504,547,970
4. The Smurfs & Co1,358,6358,342,2403,162,810
5. MyCalendar724,83816,844,6492,883,538
6. Words With Friends3,039,22811,331,2722,471,266
7. Are YOU Interested?1,003,79015,139,0112,333,044
8. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,333,54649,466,4551,715,126
9. Truth Game1,261,28510,878,5501,504,867
10. Friends Photos283,7411,527,8871,422,085
11. iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML743,39015,275,8721,415,680
12. Between You and Me966,0578,889,7271,361,717
13. Texas HoldEm Poker6,742,12636,670,0161,358,847
14. Magic Land293,4771,851,0231,279,579
15. Skype1,648,6297,233,0971,274,819
16. *Smiles187,0433,888,5731,219,617
17. Truths About You901,7928,038,6671,139,117
18. Phrases (new)96,6301,203,1051,047,179
19. FarmVille8,539,00134,620,7791,036,623
20. Hantar Kad Raya Anda67,6741,108,4951,021,629


Recently launched The Sims Social is taking the social network by storm; 16,081,660 new players gives the Electronic Arts creation a commanding first place victory.

Three places behind, Ubisoft’s The Smurfs & Co continues to be a popular option as it grows by a 3,162,810 weekly growth increase.

Zynga’s always popular gaming apps occupy three places on the countdown:

  • Words With Friends leads the pack in the sixth spot with 2,471,266 people synchronizing their accounts.
  • Texas HoldEm Poker can be found in the 13th position garnering 1,358,847 adds.
  • FarmVille makes a 19th placwe comeback, as 1,036,623 social gamers aid in the application’s return.

A little ways up in 14th place, Magic Land, developed by Wooga, sends 1,279,579 Facebook users out on a fantasy adventure.

Page Creation

Second place finisher Welcome Tab has a tabs built and view total of 4,812,493. Staying in the top ten, Static HTML: iframe tabs sits in the eighth position with a 1,715,126 weekly growth total.

Making its first appearance after an extended absence, Iwipa‘s 1,415,680 seven-day increase skyrockets it to kick off the second half of our fastest growing apps.


Whether you want to call them a fad or a lasting trend, question applications are still hot. Leading the group, 21 Questions lands the third spot welcoming 4,547,970 curious minds. Also found within the first half of the countdown, Truth Game takes ninth place amassing 1,504,867 new users.

It is a 12th place week for Between You and Me; an additional 1,361,717 Facebook friends are unlocking secret answers about one another. Truths About You comes in 17th, collecting a 1,139,117 finish.


MyCalendar continues to hold strong in fifth place, seeing a 2,883,538 weekly growth increase. Dating application Are You Interested grows by 2,333,044 this week. Skype successfully returns with 1,274,819 newly synchronized accounts, for a 15th place week.

Just For Fun

Take a glance and rate the photos of those close to you on the social network using Friends Photos; 1,422,085 adds gives the app a tenth place finish.

Smiles‘ premise is as simple as its name, and the app takes 17th place sending out 1,219,617 happy expressions.

Unfortunately for many, Phrases does not appear to be returning to the U.S. anytime soon. The application will accept a 1,047,179 comeback total from other parts of the globe though, and you can find it in the 18th position.

And an app that sends loving and inspiring messages, Hantar Kad Raya Anda, makes its first appearance in this list in 20th place, with a 1,021,629 weekly growth total.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of this week’s fastest growing apps?