Simply Measured Swings In With a Vine Analytics Tool

That was fast. Less than a month after Twitter's debut of Vine, data company Simply Measured has come out with a Vine Analytics tool for measuring activity on the video-sharing application.

That was fast. Less than a month after Twitter’s debut of Vine, data company Simply Measured has come out with a Vine Analytics tool for measuring activity on the video-sharing application.

Using the tool, Twitter users can see which of their Vine posts drive the most engagement and impressions and which users are the most influential in making the posts go viral.

The tool also compares activity on Vine posts to Instagram, YouTube, Twitpic, and other media, presenting the information in a one-page report.

According to Simply Measured, more than 100,000 15-second videos, or “Vines,” were shared on the micro-blogging site in the last weekend alone.

Currently, a free version of the analytics tool is available for Twitter users who have made 3 Vine posts in the last 7 days and who have no more than 50,000 followers.

“As this new form of social content takes off, we’re already hearing from brands, agencies, and consumers looking for a way to analyze their Vine activity,” the company said in a statement. “This free tool is our first step on that path and we’re proud to be the first company to address this need.”

Update: In response to a request for more information on what the analytics tool measures, a spokesperson for Simply Measured said, “There are a number of metrics: unique people, RT’s, @Replies, Potential Reach (combined followers of the people that interacted) and Potential Impressions (potential times that your vine could show up in follower feeds). In the comparison, it compares Engagement (which is RTs and @Replies) as well as Potential Impressions.”