Simple Quizzes Once Again Sweep the List of Top Emerging Facebook Apps

LOLapps is on a roll with its quizzes. Last week, the company had four quizzes on our list of the top 20 emerging Facebook apps, counted as those still under a million monthly active users. This week LOLapps has raised the stakes to five quiz apps — all but one is different from last week — and overall they’re in higher positions on the list.

You can spot them by the dotted box icon on each and their badly- or un-punctuated names: What age will you have your 1st baby ???, I can guess your name., What Spirit is taking care of you, the whole name of the person who loves you!!!(100% real) and THE SEX QUIZ. Four more LOLapps quizzes are in positions 20-40 on our full AppData list.

What is LOLapps’ secret sauce? Well, it’s not making the quizzes itself. They’re all coming from Quiz Creator, which lets users brew their own quizzes. With users churning out quizzes for free, it’s no surprise that a few have become successful.

On the other hand, Quiz Creator isn’t the only app of its type; there’s more to the growth. The other key seems to be clever packaging by LOLapps. After each quiz, users are asked if they want to know what friends got — of course, their friend probably hasn’t taken the quiz, so it’s effectively an invitation.

And instead of shuffling users off through a wall of ads after the quiz, LOLapps  directs them to more quizzes. There’s also a “quiz profile” and the ability to look at which quizzes friends actually have taken, creating an OKCupid-style community. Nevermind that the quizzes themselves are mostly low quality; LOLapps has done a good job on the overall structure around them.

Enough about quizzes. Here’s the rest of the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Benzerini Bul813,872+648,041+79.62
2. Translations368,714+363,867+98.69
3. Zoo Paradise818,347+341,073+41.68
4. MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes816,463+303,767+37.21
5. What age will you have your 1st baby ???943,383+297,391+31.52
6. I can guess your name.938,932+257,840+27.46
7. What Spirit is taking care of you575,754+253,334+44.00
8. the whole name of the person who loves you!!!(100% real)851,958+252,842+29.68
9. Music Pets741,986+243,034+32.75
10. Jumping Dog919,413+235,639+25.63
11. Anket780,354+233,893+29.97
12. When Will You Die693,122+226,207+32.64
13. Ameba Pico416,074+211,186+50.76
14. Top Stalkers637,479+204,267+32.04
15. do u know txt language???730,298+201,239+27.56
16. THE SEX QUIZ 645,544+188,384+29.18
17. The quiz that sends you mad!!!!!730,022+186,778+25.59
18. Puzzle Bobble628,916+182,865+29.08
19. Brackets238,441+181,258+76.02
20. Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports618,602+181,190+29.29

The top app is actually a Turkish language offering, Benzerini Bul. It appears to also be a quiz app of some sort, but we’re not quite sure (readers are welcome to chime in if they know). Following it is Translations, an in-house Facebook app that’s just mis-reporting; it hasn’t really grown.

Zoo Paradise is the latest game from CrowdStar, but despite its presence on the list, it’s not doing outstandingly well so far for a game launched by a big company. The top ten also includes Music Pets and Jumping Dog, but we’ll cover the games in more depth over at Inside Social Games.