How To Create A Simple, Automated E-Mail Newsletter

E-mail push products are an important way to get news to people. Many news consumers live on their mobile devices, and enjoy reading headlines in their inbox.

There are elaborate (and expensive) ways to push e-mail alerts to people. Vendors like MailChimp and ConstantContact are popular options. But how can you do it for free, and with no added effort?

The answer is Google’s popular Feedburner product. Feedburner will take an RSS feed from your news website or blog and push it out as a customizable e-mail digest to subscribers once a day. It’s a great way to reach a new audience that wants to read your site but doesn’t want to do so via an RSS reader or social media site.

The first step is to sign up for Feedburner and to point an RSS feed at the tool.

Then, head over to the publicize tab, and select e-mail subscriptions. Select the activate button at the bottom.  Be sure to copy the code that is provided for a subscribe form—and find a home for it. I recommend somewhere in your right (or left) rails, which would be visible throughout your website. Otherwise visitors to your site won’t be able to subscribe!

In the “Communication Preferences” tab, you are able to alter the language of the e-mail that welcomes new subscribers.

The “Email Branding” tab allows you to change the look of your e-mail news letters, and allows you to add an optional logo.

The “Delivery Options” tab lets you set a window of time for when you would like to have your e-mails delivered each day.

Once setup, with a subscription form in place and all, you’ll have a professional looking newsletter that requires no further effort on your part!

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