Simon & Schuster Reports Record Setting eBook Sales on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Simon & Schuster released A Stolen Life, the memoir of kidnapping survivor Jaycee Dugard. It was not expecting quite the volume of sales.

Over 175 thousand copies were sold on Tuesday, and over half were sold as eBooks. Half. This was a new single-day record for Simon & Schuster, and it marks a turning point for eBooks in the book market.

Leaving aside what this says about the reading public, it also raises an interesting point about immediacy and accessibility. People now expect to be able to buy  and get content the moment they moment they hear about it. Tuesday’s figures show an immediacy to the consumption, and it doesn’t surprise me.

I have long thought that a leading cause of piracy was people not being able to buy the book the moment they want it. Tuesday’s figures show that even with a premium price, people will pay.