Amidst Burgeoning Media Firestorm, 10-Year-Old Prodigy Headed for LA

It started today with an article in London’s The Daily Mail. Under the blaring headline “Cowell Signs YouTube Girl, 10” came the news of how a Toronto youngster, Heather Russell, has been signed to a recording contract by The X Factor impresario after he watched her YouTube video.

Another long syndicated story about the Simon Cowell deal has quickly hit Canadian newspapers, indicating that Russell will soon be moving to LA to pursue her golden opportunity. Take a listen; this girl’s talents – which have previously been noted by the likes of Ashton Kutcher – are pretty astounding, especially when you consider she also wrote the song:

Adding to the cachet of the deal, which is sure to be soon all over the LA media radar, is the fact that Cowell is partnered on the Russell front with Rob Fusari, who guided the early career of Lady Gaga. Russell’s dad James, who can be seen in the video accompanying her on guitar, is a musician, while mom Monica Cicade is a vocal coach. Musical talent evidently runs in the family.