Simon Carless on inaugural App Developers Conference

Editor’s Note: With talk submissions for UBM Tech’s inaugural App Developers Conference (ADC) due tomorrow, Inside Mobile Apps chatted with Simon Carless about what the upcoming conference is all about. ADC focuses on the development, user interface (UI), marekting and business of apps outside of games. The emphasis away from games is ADC’s key differentiator from UBM’s other conferences like the Game Deverlopers Conference (GDC).

Inside Mobile Apps: What is the App Developers Conference and how is it different from the Game Developers Conference?

Simon Carless, UBM Tech executive vice president: From the creators of GDC, the ADC is a brand new app developer event focusing on the very best development, UI, marketing and business of apps. Whether their apps run on mobile devices or the web, whether they embrace iOS, Android, both or neither, whether they operate even further afield — we’re bringing together the very best app creators for this event and getting them to present their best practices to you.

IMA: ADC features multiple tracks in app categories such as entertainment, enterprise and health. Could you explain why these emerging and growing app categories were chosen for tracks at ADC?

Carless: We’re looking at some of the most vibrant areas of apps outside of games since game apps are covered at GDC Next, which is co-located with the show — you can get a VIP pass to both if you want to check out those! And we were super excited by some of the areas around lifestyle, entertainment, and enterprise apps — there are some surprisingly high quality apps out there, which we’re profiling on our website App Dev Stories.

IMA: What differentiates ADC from other mobile app conferences?

Carless: We’re really looking at inspiration, learning and practical takeaway in a much more focused way, drawing on our expertise in finding the best speakers for GDC. We have a very methodical, empirical approach to making sure we recruit conference speakers who actually give a lot of value to attendees, and if you twin that with the GDC Next co-location and an expo area that’s designed to have the best of both worlds in it, we think it’ll be a really compelling show.

IMA: Will there be sessions on both sides of spectrum — technical sessions for developers and marketing sessions for business developers, marketers, etc.?

Carless: We’re getting some really robust advisors in all areas, and we have entire rooms devoted to UI/design, business/marketing, and programming/architecture — so we’re going both wide and deep!

IMA: The ADC isn’t limited to just mobile apps, right?

Carless: We’re majority mobile apps, but we’re also looking into areas such as TV apps, web apps, and elsewhere!

IMA: Who should attend ADC?

Carless: Anyone who cares about the art and business of apps in today’s market!