Similarities Between Palm/webOS & Microsoft/Windows Phone 7

Forbes’ focus is on the rumor (silly in my opinion) that Microsoft might or even should by Palm

Analyst: Microsoft’s Planned $1B Mobile Investment Means Palm Acquisition ‘Unlikely’

The real story is in the Gartner 2009 smartphone marketshare percentages from the article…

47% – Nokia
20% – RIM (BlackBerry)
14% – Apple
8% – Microsoft (Windows Mobile)
4% – Google (Android)
1% – Palm (WebOS)

Buying Palm would give Microsoft a 9% marketshare. That would still leave them in a distant 4th place. Microsoft and Palm do have one thing in common. Palm bet the farm that webOS would revive them. Microsoft will be ok financially if their upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series is a flop. But, it would leave them without a mobile story to tell going forward. Mobile is the name of the game going forward. So, this would leave Microsoft with a big product hole to fill somehow.