SimCity Social, SongPop, Chill, TripAdvisor and more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by MAU

EA’s SimCity Social led our list of top Facebook apps growing by monthly active users this week. The citybuilding game was released in open beta at the end of June, but it officially launched last week. With the holiday weekend over, MAU has begun to climb more quickly.

The titles on our list this week grew between 500,000 and 1.9 million MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

NameMAUGainGain %
1.  SimCity Social2,900,000+1,900,000+ 190%
2.  SongPop7,900,000+1,600,000+ 25%
3.  Chill12,800,000+1,000,000+ 8%
4.  TripAdvisor™36,100,000+1,000,000+ 3%
5.  TA Hare/Carrot™1,136,125+976,125+ 610%
6.  Pedido de Amigos5,400,000+900,000+ 20%
7.  Terra13,700,000+800,000+ 6%
8.  Instagram22,500,000+800,000+ 4%
9.  Dragon City3,800,000+700,000+ 23%
10.  Glassdoor4,800,000+700,000+ 17%
11.  Zoosk10,600,000+700,000+ 7%
12.  Static Iframe Tab17,000,000+600,000+ 4%
13.  Pinterest14,700,000+600,000+ 4%
14.  HTML Page Tab #101,700,000+500,000+ 42%
15.  HTML Page Tab #61,600,000+500,000+ 45%
16.  Static HTML… [Fifth Tab]2,000,000+500,000+ 33%
17.  Static HTML… [Seventh Tab]1,600,000+500,000+ 45%
18.  Static HTML… [Second Tab]8,200,000+500,000+ 6%
19.  HTML Page Tab #92,100,000+500,000+ 40%
20.  Static HTML Iframe Tab2,400,000+500,000+ 26%


Cross-platform name-that-tune game SongPop continues to grow quickly. Last week FreshPlanet released a new premium mobile version of the game that is ad-free and comes with the ability to play more games and listen to longer music clips.

Social video site Chill picked up 1 million MAU this week, as the site uses Open Graph to publish users’ viewing activity and grow virally.

TripAdvisor took the No. 4 spot this week, with the company previously running Sponsored Stories that have a viral effect. At No. 5 is TA Hare/Carrot, which is actually a staging app that experienced a development issue, causing some of TripAdvisor’s live site traffic to be put through the staging app. TripAdvisor tells us it corrected the problem so it is not likely to remain on our AppData lists.

InstagramGlassdoorPinterest and some tab applications from Woobox and Thunderpenny round out our list this week.

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