SimCity BuildIt: Compete Against Others in New Contest of Mayors

During each contest, players may be asked to complete tasks such as producing certain resources or triggering specific Disasters to earn Plumbob Points.

EA Mobile has launched the latest content update in SimCity BuildIt, introducing the Contest of Mayors to players. This new feature will allow users to compete against others for a chance to receive rewards.

The Contest of Mayors feature is housed inside the Contest HQ, a new building which has appeared off the coast of players’ towns. Here, players can view assignments related to the current contest, with each contest lasting five days. All players are automatically entered into each new Contest of Mayors, but they aren’t required to participate.

During each contest, players may be asked to complete tasks such as producing certain resources or triggering specific Disasters, as examples. Gamers receive Plumbob Points when they complete assignments, with the goal being to earn more points than other Mayors in order to climb the in-game leaderboard and earn the best prizes.

Each assignment has its own time limit, and only one assignment can be active within a player’s town at any time. Gamers can cancel their current assignment if they’d like to try another, and are limited in the number of assignments they can complete during each contest.

At the end of each contest, players in the top four prize groups on the leaderboard will receive prizes like Simoleons, SimCash, Speed-Up Tokens and exclusive Platinum Keys, which can be used to build Platinum Specialization buildings. The game limits each leaderboard to 100 randomly selected Mayors, who are at the same city level, to keep things fair. Players’ possible prizes also depend on their current league.

As players participate in contests, they’ll have the chance to progress through six leagues, starting with the Neighborhood League. After each contest, the top player in each group of Mayors will be promoted to the next league, and the lowest player will be demoted to a lower league, if possible. Higher leagues offer better prizes.

In addition to this Contest of Mayors feature, the game’s latest update includes 60 new ‘Epic’ buildings to unlock, as well as two Maxis Man superhero-themed items players can build in their town. One, the MaxisMan Statue, becomes available after users have constructed the Department of Culture and have reached Vu Tower level 18. The other item, Maxis Manor, is available for 1000 SimCash, and acts as a fire, police and health building.

SimCity BuildIt is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.