The Silicon Kingdom: Disney Invests in Tech Startup Program

Launches accelerator with Techstars

Disneyland could be the next Silicon Valley with its new program to jumpstart tech companies. Disney is getting into the accelerator business, sprinkling investments like pixie dust on a select group of startups.

The company announced its Disney accelerator program today in Los Angeles. Techstars, a prominent force in early-stage investing, is a partner in the Disney program.

Disney has been taking steps into the tech world for years—it bought Pixar, which was founded by Steve Jobs, who also sat on the Disney board before he died.

Recently the company named Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to its board. Mickey Mouse’s company also bought social gaming company Playdom in 2010. Disney also owns Marvel and Lucas Films.

Its accelerator will select 10 startups in the media and entertainment sectors, which will have access to a three-month mentorship program. The startups will also get an investment of $120,000. Accelerators typically receive a percentage of the companies they choose. The accelerator programs starts this summer, and applications are due April 16.